• DP000 - KIK/SNR
  • DP000 - KIK/SNR
  • DP000 - KIK/SNR
  • DP000 - KIK/SNR
  • DP000 - KIK/SNR
  • DP000 - KIK/SNR

Dust Palace


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Welcome to Dust Palace!

KIK/SNR is our opening offering into the world of drum samples, with one vintage kick and snare through twelve of our favourite analogue effects units. 

Oh, and it's completely FREE.

Each effect contains two variations for both kick and snare, recorded through Neve 1073 pre amps, one with 50% wet blend and the other the full 100%. We’ve got glorious stereo spring reverbs, digital harmonisation, mono tape echo and three types of distortion… just a small taste of things to come. 

Things really come alive when you open the included Ableton Live 10 presets, for Intro, Standard and Suite versions, giving you access to our custom software FX macros. Turn a dial to change the kick sample whilst you cycle through the variations in real-time, then automate the software FX parameters to take the samples into a whole new space. It’s surprising how much fun you can have with just kick and snare.  

Play the samples using your laptop keys or plug in your favourite sample pad and off you go. Alternatively drop the 44.1k 24bit WAVS into any DAW to see what we’re all about. We even included a formatted set of samples for you to slide straight onto your SPD-SX too, for all the 16bit crew.



Pack Contents:

Catalogue No: DP000
Title: KIK/SNR
Artist: Dust Palace
Asset Total: 52
Asset Type: One-Shots
Presets: Ableton Live Intro, Standard, Suite
Sample Rate: 44.1k
Bit Rate: 24, 16 (SPD-SX)
File Type:  WAV


Acoustic Drums:

1960's 22x14 Ludwig Superclassic Bass Drum
1970's 13x3 Ludwig Ludalloy Snare

Analogue Effects Units:
Hawk HR-45
Pioneer SR-202W
Roland PA-80
Ace Tone EC-20
Roland RE-201
Evans Echopet EP-100
Dynacord Echocord
Tascam Portastudio
Magnatone Amplifier
EMT 246
Eventide H910

Sample Audio Demos: