• DP003 - CR78
  • DP003 - CR78
  • DP003 - CR78
  • DP003 - CR78
  • DP003 - CR78

Dust Palace

DP003 - CR78

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The Roland CR-78 is a classic, it can be heard on iconic tracks through the years. We took a great example of a CR-78, recorded it at Soundgas in the UK, then resampled it through six variations of spring reverb, echo and distortion hardware effects units.

Once we had selected the voices for the Dust Palace kit, we then spent days sampling each hit through our collection of analogue effects units, coming back in to Ableton through Neve 1073 pre-amps. Capturing each effects unit at four stages of input gain, from 25% to 100% wet/dry balance, creating 384 unique drum samples.

Creating Ableton Live 10 presets for each kit was the next step, arranging the samples in an intuitive manner based around our custom FX Rack macro controls. To top it off we asked our friend and professional touring drummer Adam Marcello (Katy Perry), to create a series of loops and presets for the CR-78 pack, with a total of 60 exclusive loops that you won't find anywhere else. Our CR-78 pack is a unique set of sounds, ready for use in your next production or in your next live show.

All one-shot samples and loops also included as 16bit 44.1k files suitable for use directly on the Roland SPD-SX.

Project No: DP003
Title: CR78
Drum Machines: Roland CR-78
Effects Units:

Hawk HR-45, Pioneer 202-W, Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Evans Echopet EP-100, Roland PA-80, Tascam Portastudio 414

Asset Total:


Asset Type: One-Shots and Artist Loops
Artists: Adam Marcello
Presets: Ableton Live 10 Intro, Standard & Suite. Ableton FX Rack. 
Sample Rate: 44.1k
File Type: 24bit & 16bit (SPD-SX) WAV