Photo: Cat Garcia

Dust Palace was created by drummer and musical director Joe Clegg.

Most known for his work as musical director and live drummer with Ellie Goulding (2009 - 2019), developing her live show from her very first club show all the way to worldwide arena tours, Joe has also been responsible for creating and refining the live shows of countless internationally acclaimed artists through his company Artclub Live.

Joe’s role as musical director has enabled him to develop his own approach to the use of technology in a live show environment, in particular the use of software and sample automation, recreating the unique sonic signature of each artist night after night out on the road. In 2020 Joe worked closely with Ableton Live delivering workshops and webinars on the concept of using technology in live music performance. 

Alongside his work as a drummer and musical director, Joe has a broad CV including instrumental solo releases, production design, documentary production, content creation, marketing campaigns and educational products, workshops and lectures.


Photo: Jennifer McCord 

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